Thinking of warmer days ahead on this snowy Tuesday. Stay tuned for details on Earth Day (April 22) + how Pegasus will lead the way in celebrating our willingness to Think Green, Live Green, Work Green and “Go Green.”

We are currently working exhibiting new creative ways of incorporating nature + art + music together while raising awareness on our daily impact on our planet, in addition to teaching and sharing new insights on how to “Think, Live, Work” sustainably.

Earth Day

If you are interested in getting involved we are looking to partner up for the following:

  • Volunteers
  • Community Garden enthusiasts
  • Nature-based, sustainable companies
  • Fashion, art, music
  • Plant enthusiasts – no experience necessary!

Please email us at pegasusproject23@gmail.com for more details on how you can co-create with us for Earth Day 2018!

Metaphysical Alchemy

Springtime is just around the corner, and the Pegasus crew has been gearing up for fresh creative works + events, while working hard at pouring more artistic love + old fashioned elbow grease into the Pegasus Project location.

There has recently been quite the community buzz regarding the fate of the mysterious, freshly purple painted building,  known as “The Pegasus Project PDX” which many are speculating whether or not their neighborhood will be yet another part of the traditional PDX lost to the “new + luxurious” apartments, which doesn’t seem to fit the local community of families and individuals whether new to the area or have been residing there 20+ years. We are here to tell you, good things are to come! A good book never revels the spoils!

Stay tuned for the latest developments on the building, community initiatives, and creative projects that will be cranking out later this year! For now, take a sneak peak into what our crew has been working on.



Symbiosis_Eclipse PreParty_Flyer23.jpg

This year was one to remember as Oregon had VIP viewing this year for the most epic Total Solar Eclipse which was the the First Total Solar Eclipse in USA Since 1979! This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918.

So we decided to take this monumental moment and Eclipse city krews between the Bay Area + Pacific NorthWest areas and throw the first ever BLOCC party at the Pegasus Project PDX art studio warehouse, which was an official affiliate of the Symbiosis Gathering Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 held in Prineville, OR.

Co-Creation – Late Night LAB23



If anything taught us here at the Pegasus Art Studio Warehouse that it sometimes takes a village to help create a master piece. As with most things within life + art is that often the smallest of details can make the entire piece whole. As the vision of of creating a sacred space that is safe + functionally creative, it was apparent that one of our main core values is community as W.A.O. We Are One.

What feels quite like the progression of rags to riches, it was decided to have all hands on deck to prepare for future manifestations to come. So enjoy some memories created by those who came together and worked endlessly through the evenings leading up to the soft opening industry launch party of the studio space.

Sunday Fundays at Pegasus Art Studio


As Pegasus Project PDX started growing into the wings of its own creation, the first step in the direction of creating a forward moving artist + music community here in the Portland Metro area, Creative Director, Joshua Wallace and his good friends, DJ Mostly Ghostly, DJ Midi Wizard, and the rest of the gang came togethers this summer on select Sundays to enjoy the sunshine in good company while enjoying a day filled with sweet beats + BBQ.



It all started when Randy Rapaport + Joshua “Sasquatch” Wallace met back in 2006 over a bright and consciously lit conversation, the spark being a synchronistic moment of realization of art being the common denominator in this working partnership. Soon there after, Mississippi May art exhibit was born 10 years ago.

Mississippi May


Pegasus Project is dedicated to creating the social and ethological environment directed towards cosmic minded artists and creative persons who seek to share their own truths in order to contribute to the overall shift of the greater consciousness for the good of all humankind.



Creative Art Director, Chief Operator of PEGASUS PROJECT ART STUDIO WAREHOUSE

Lead by visionary street artist, Joshua Wallace, who has successfully impacted the gallery and street art world + festival world in Los Angeles + San Francisco, CA is now looking to take PDX by storm with his visionary movement to further develop the local art community. His current work explores themes of alchemy, magic, self-actualization, identity, communication and building a unified community.


Real Estate Developer, FOX and MOOSE 

“High-profile developer on celeb architects, music and stealing back the Schnitz.” – Mike Thelin, Willamette Week